Friday, 23 July 2010

plain food

MNL - DXB: Dory Insalata

I love flying back and forth Manila & London via Emirates for the following reasons:
  • Dubai stopover cuts the flight in between so it doesn't really feel like a long haul flight. Plus the airport's not bad - lots of helpful Pinoys, lots of things to buy, lots of space to keep yourself busy while in transit.
  • Chances of you having 'first class in economy' on your return flight are high. I've had a whole row of seats in economy class all to myself from Dubai to London - thrice.
  • The food. Inflight catering is more important to me than inflight entertainment and Emirates has won awards for their food service. When you're up in the air and nowhere else to buy comfort food, good catering is the key to a stress-free flight.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Pardon the lack of updates. The past couple of months have been very very very manic. Work, moving house, moving house again. Will start posting stuff again very very very soon. Watch this space...