Monday, 28 March 2011

beer eats

Pier One's grilled squid
The Filo palate has evolved in terms of favourite tipple and tapas. During my last holiday in Manila, I was amazed by the availability and quality of drinks and bar food in the city.  My friends were nice to take me out to several bars for catching up over drinks and nibbles and the standard was pretty impressive. However, trips to Philippines will never be complete without a good session with friends at 'bar & grill' spots. When you’re in the Philippines, forget about rendezvous-ing over sophisticated cocktails, nouvelle cuisine and modern fusion. Nothing, at least in my opinion, beats golden  moments over an ice cold beer and good old Pinoy pulutan.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The hardest part

The thing about letting go is that saying goodbye isn't exactly the hardest part. The hardest part is that time between your last few moments and the final touch. There's a bittersweet taste to the last few minutes because more often than not you spend it reminiscing about good times whilst a voice in your head calls you to the present time and you realise there's not much left. There's a soreness to the last touch because you don't want it to end and when it does, you're left wanting more (but can't) except all you can do is watch until you're left on your own.

08 March 2011. Yesterday London celebrated Pancake Day. Yesterday the world waved the vajayjay flag for International Women's Day. Yesterday, I let go. Again.