Monday, 28 March 2011

beer eats

Pier One's grilled squid
The Filo palate has evolved in terms of favourite tipple and tapas. During my last holiday in Manila, I was amazed by the availability and quality of drinks and bar food in the city.  My friends were nice to take me out to several bars for catching up over drinks and nibbles and the standard was pretty impressive. However, trips to Philippines will never be complete without a good session with friends at 'bar & grill' spots. When you’re in the Philippines, forget about rendezvous-ing over sophisticated cocktails, nouvelle cuisine and modern fusion. Nothing, at least in my opinion, beats golden  moments over an ice cold beer and good old Pinoy pulutan.

Here are a few favourites:

Dencio's // Gerry's
Cheese sticks are pretty much as straightforward as you can get: cheddar cheese enveloped in lumpia (spring roll) wrappers, deep fried. You can add stuff in the filling ie peppers, sliced ham and giant chilies or dip them in whatever sauce you like. I personally like my cheese sticks plain but if I have to choose, I'd go for chili cheese sticks dipped in aioli. Yum!

Oyster Boy Bangus
// Grilla

Sisig is traditionally made with parts of a pig's head and its liver. As gross as that sounds, this dish, when cooked well is actually yummy. If you're not one for pork there's actually quite a lot of variations - from bangus (milkfish) to tuna, from chicken to squid. Personally, I prefer the classic pork sisig. Forget the calories and the cholesterol! I think normal sisig is still the best especially when it's cooked well (I like mine quite crunchy!).

Pier One // Oyster Boy
A lot of my friends get the funny tummy when they combine alcohol and oysters. Not me and my family. We devour oysters like heck and we love them however way possible. My brother's favourite is a traditional rockefeller, my dad's favourite is the pizza-flavoured ones from Oyster Boy. I quite like my oysters plain with a bit of garlic and vinegar, downed with either lemonade or beer.

Filos like grilled anything. From chicken inasal to barbecued pork, from to chargrilled animal innards to pork belly. My favourite though is grilled squid. Nothing beats the soft, chewy texture of good fresh squid marinated in slightly sweet soy sauce. It feels light on the stomach too, making way for your favourite tipple of choice. And though I've only started eating pork again, I have to admit I've missed eating pork belly (liempo). I love the contrast between the soft fat, the crispy skin and the nice tender meat. Just bursts with flavour!

Fish and Chips Ahoy // Nachos
I know I said Pinoy food but classic foreign favourites like french fries and nachos are awesome, too. Last time I was home I can't help but notice that nachos and fish and chips were ALWAYS on the menu. Not a bad choice although I think i'd prefer beer battered onions than beer battered fish, especially when you live in the land of fish and chips! If sushi's on the menu, then that's me done (except not all grill places have this and if they do, euch!)

Whew. I reckon I could do with a beer and some grilled squid now. But my lunch break's finished and I don't think there's a proper 'grill and beer' place here in Londontown. I guess I'll have to wait another day.


  1. Wow. That first squid photo looks amazing. Yum.

    Fickle Cattle

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