Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remembering a Wahaca summer

It's grey in London today. Most people I know seem to have a cloud about their heads and I am on a mission to spread sunshine. I'm feeling a bit gloomy too but there's a reason to smile: Wahaca's opening down Wardour Street! That's lunch sorted for me most days then. I shall never go hungry at lunch again!

Ana & her mojito
Saying that, the last time I've actually been to Wahaca was... last May when Ana & I sampled their summer menu. Yikes. It's been ages, but that doesn't mean I love the restaurant any less. I mean it's been months but I'm still raving about the fresh ceviche tostadas and the yummy chicken mole tacos.... Oh and of course, how can you go there without their mojitos?

Friday, 5 November 2010

Al Duomo, Brighton

Cod fillet, shrimps and a mountain of potatoes
Our party of four went out for Italian in Brighton. Nothing fancy but we didn't want to go to a chain restaurant so we searched the internet for independent Italian restaurants. Al Duomo came first and seemed to be the popular choice. It's located right next to the pavilions and is 'one of Brighton's most popular longest established Italian restaurants'. Surely that must mean something right? Right.

It takes me ages to order (plus we were driving from London) so to save everyone some time, I went on the website to choose my grub and... overwhelmed is not the word! They weren't kidding when they said they offered a 'wide-ranging menu'. I also checked what (else) they had in store and that's when warning signs went a-flashing. Surely any Italian restaurant (or any restaurant) that hosts Elvis nights, cheesy hen dos and a basement club must be avoided right? Right. Or if you have to have to go, you shouldn’t really expect your grub to be as special as the barmen’s striptease right? Right. However we were going to be in Brighton after all. The holy mecca of all things flamboyant in the UK. So it's okay, right? Right. *gulp*