Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remembering a Wahaca summer

It's grey in London today. Most people I know seem to have a cloud about their heads and I am on a mission to spread sunshine. I'm feeling a bit gloomy too but there's a reason to smile: Wahaca's opening down Wardour Street! That's lunch sorted for me most days then. I shall never go hungry at lunch again!

Ana & her mojito
Saying that, the last time I've actually been to Wahaca was... last May when Ana & I sampled their summer menu. Yikes. It's been ages, but that doesn't mean I love the restaurant any less. I mean it's been months but I'm still raving about the fresh ceviche tostadas and the yummy chicken mole tacos.... Oh and of course, how can you go there without their mojitos?

ceviche tostada
The ceviche tostadas were really good - fresh scallops and prawns cooked in lime juice eaten with perfectly crunchy mini-tacos. There's no actual fish in the ceviches but the sweetness of the scallops was a nice touch; it balances out the tangy lime juice. Yum. I wish they served this throughout the year. Such a nice refreshing Mexican dish!

chicken mole tacos
I love me a good mole but I can never finish Wahaca's platos fuertes (because I always get starters which are already filling on their own) so these tacos are just perfect. Sweet and savoury, I'm glad these lite bites are still on the menu!

Chicken guajillo tostada
I wasn't too keen on the chicken guajillo tostada but to be fair.. having this after a really good ceviche tostada was probably not a good idea because the seafood was so packed with flavour. The guacamole was nice but I thought the chicken was a bit underseasoned (but very tender!). I think it didn't help that we kinda left it hanging around for some time - the tortilla got a bit soggy! Our bad...

Grilled cactus tacos
I couldn't really distinguish the cactus flavour but the veggies were refreshingly crunchy. Mind you, I was so caught up in our convo so I didn't give this one much chance. The sauce was good and I really wanted to take some home! Seems like an easy dish to copy at home too... my housemate has a cactus plant....

New potato taquitos
We were having so much fun talking and enjoying the food until we realised we haven't touched the new potato taquitos yet! At this point Ana & I were bordering on full but like supertroopers, we marched on to face the challenge. Yum. It was carb on carb but who cares? The cheese made really made this dish interesting and the habanero sauce was yum! And seriously, it was actually pretty light!

The flan that rocked the cradle!
We were absolutely full at this stage but I fancied something sweet. Originally thought of churros but we decided to go for the flan instead. Now, most of you know I don't eat egg but after spoonfuls of this (and lots of uuuhms and ahhhs from me) Ana pops the question, "You do know flan is made of eggs right? Mostly eggs? At least ten?" Thanks babe, I didn't know that, ignoramus that I am. Goes to show that every time I eat out with Ana, I seem to have something with egg in it! But it was so good so I had another go and then when I thought of the bird periods it was time to park my spoon. Yum though. Absolutely delicious.

I always have a great time at Wahaca - it's the good place for a chilled out meal with a mate or a group dinner before a big night out. I mean come on - good drinks, fresh and really cheap food - pffft. What else can you ask for aye? I'm well chuffed they're opening tomorrow down the road. Here's to happy lunches from now on!

Wahaca Soho - opens 10 November 2010
80 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TF


  1. Oh my god that's a lot of food for two haha! The food does look refreshing. And that mojito too!

  2. Haha, mexican street food eating at its best! It was all worth it =)

  3. Moles? Like the diggers in Thumbelina?????

  4. Oops, haha. Sorry I didn't explain!
    Mole as in a type of sauce from Oaxaca Mexico!

    It was chicken all the way =)