“I love food,” is an understatement. A major understatement.

When I think of food, I go on day-dream overload. I always have a dish in my head, complete with all the sides that go with it. I salivate whilst imagining every spoonful of diverse textures flooding my mouth. I shiver as I think of each flavour pricking my tongue and teasing my buds with every hint of herb and spice. Give me a really good meal and I will actually moan in the realm of palatable bliss.

Eat My Gunk is a little project I’m working on, brought about by suggestions from friends who've noticed that I tend to eat starters for ten, mains for three and desserts for eight. Here's also a homage to good food, good restaurants and good attempts at cheficide.

Enjoy. Don’t ask me what my idea of food heaven is, unless you want to be with me for a very long time.


(22 October 2010) Now using Blogger =)
(15 February 2010) Most photos now taken with semi-steady hands and a Canon Ixus 100 IS.

(13 January 2010)
Please note that most photos are taken with the iPhone's so-so camera, so forgive the not-so-great quality. I'll try to make sure I have a compact digicam with me next time to make sure the dishes look as good as they taste ;)

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