Monday, 28 February 2011

mushy flights

Cream Dory + crispy noodles
Qatar Airways is one of the seven airlines given a 5-star rating by Skytrax. I decided to try flying with them last Christmas after a not so great flight w/ my usual favourite, Emirates. My friends rate QA highly but I've been forewarned that Doha Airport isn't that great. Saying that, I had high expectations for the airline's qualilty of service, entertainment and most importantly, the food.

I was super looking forward to the trip but Sod's law did not evade me once again. A bit of drama on the flight out and getting stranded on the return trip. Ah yes. I'm doubtful of getting on this airline again...

I guess I owe yous... apology for constantly neglecting this blog. I've been so busy since (ACK!) November! Since my last post, I've consumed 10 million calories and .01% exercise. Saying that, all's well in Londontown and eating's never been better. I'm gonna try to play catch up with the posts and hopefully bore yous again with the stuff I've been filling my belly with. Watch this space.