Tuesday, 28 September 2010

muffin pizzas

Breakfast muffins can go a long way

Most people I know find comfort in pizza. It's the easiest thing to get when your experimental pot roast dinner goes wrong, or when the romantic steak dinner you planned on impressing a date with gets as tough as a brick.

I love me a good pizza, especially when it's homemade. I know someone who makes really good homemade pizzas. His pizza base is my idea of perfect: thin but strong enough to hold generous toppings, crispy/crunchy on the outside but still chewy enough to not give you a toothache. He also introduced me to muffin pizzas which are possibly the best snack things in the world.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

hammy and ollie brown

Ham & Pesto toastie

I don't know what got into me today but I woke up with a massive, massive craving for sliced ham. This is strange as I've always hated it and I've not touched the stuff since I was in pre-school. I remember being super stroppy everytime I'd get a packed ham (or hotdog) sandwich for recess and would either refuse to eat it at all or exchange it with a ham-obsessed classmate's peanut butter loot. Ollie Brown loved his ham. He'd have it with everything and would often cry if one of his two packed lunches didn't include ham (possibly twice a week or so). I even remember exchanging sarnies under the tables with him so that our yayas won't be too suspicious. I'd give him my ham-mayo sandwiches and he'd give me whatever he has, unless of course it had ham too.

So yes, I made myself a nice ham toastie earlier which is easy enough. I mean all you have to do is toast the bread, whack the ham, some cheddar and a dollop of pesto, grill for a bit and slip in a bit of leaves. Peasey. Ollie Brown could've done it himself when we were six.

Another easy peasy hammy thing: get some nice homey bread. I like sourdough or ciabatta. But when all else fails a baguette would do. Chopped ham, spring onions, gruyere on top then grill for 2-3 minutes, 200°C. Yum. Ollie Brown would approve.

Ah... Ollie Brown. I wonder where he is these days. I wonder if still eats as much ham. I still eat a lot of peanut butter.