Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bommy's baked goods

Bommy's banana walnut muffin
I wish I knew how to bake. Bommy makes it seem so easy everytime he hovers in the kitchen to make amazing batches of cupcakes and muffins, loaves of yummy banana bread and even plain old sponges. The smell of dough rising is better to have in the flat than all those floral sprays that make everyone realise they have allergies they never knew existed.

muffins & cakies
The thing with Bommy is that he doesn't follow a recipe. When most bakers would probably say you have to be precise with your measurements to produce the perfect cake everytime, Boms would just shrug it off and... experiment. Surprisingly everytime he bakes some grub they turn out amazingly perfect. His fruit muffins are always light and moist. The fruit's yummy enough to make it sweet but not overpowering. His cakies (or cake/cookies) are - in a good way - both crunchy and soft, leaving you slightly puzzled. Is this a cake or a cookie? That's exactly his point. His lavender cake is amazing and fresh (with fresh lavender picked from the Brockwell Gate garden) and very very interesting. Lavender has never been so yummy. And his chocolate brownies? Out of this world. He also makes great baked cheesecake and amazing cinnamon apple pies. Mmmm.

We'd always have convos about what we'd do if we weren't in our chosen careers. Bommy's a banker and I've always told him to give up the Ns and just bake for a living. He'd always smile and say maybe. Who knows. All I can say is that he really has the Midas touch and anything he makes is just as sweet as the person that he is.

Ooh. I've got some overriped bananas on my shelf. I'll definitely get Boms to make something out of those. =D

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